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Meet Gina,

Owner & Baker of GG Cakes

Having my (cup)cake and eating it too

Hello and welcome. I’m Gina, the baker & dessert enthusiast behind GG Cakes. As a busy executive and mom of two, my life can certainly be hectic at times. Between the day-to-day buzz and responsibilities, I realized that life's bigger moments had started to feel small - and I wanted to change that.

“If a picture's worth 1,000 words...cake has to be worth more”

Over the past eight years, I've created centerpieces for some of my clients' most important moments, celebrating the joys, accomplishments, momentous occasions and wonders of life. Every cake, like the story it represents, is special and unique. Whether it's bespoke and traditional or over-the-top, I work with clients to bring their visions into delicious reality.

From weddings to baby showers to children's birthdays, I've traveled along life's great adventures with many of my clients, who've become family over the years. They trust me to be part of their most special days, to tell a story, to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Why do they do this?  It’s a simple recipe: flavor + design + time = Incredible!

The Full Story - How it all started…

I’ve always loved baking – it’s something I started with my grandma and mom when I was very young. I treasured my Easy Bake Oven beyond all else, and thought my treats were the best in the world. I’d like to believe that my desire to bake was fueled by passion, but at that age, I’m pretty certain that I was driven by the excitement of licking the bowl!

Over the years baking was a hobby- something I would do for family occasions, office parties and school events. That all changed in 2008 when I started baking professionally, my business growing rapidly through repeat customers and word of mouth. To be able to do what I love to do, and to make people happy at the same time...Life truly is sweet.

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